What is the appropriate air volume of the hood? The greater the air volume of the hood, the greater the noise?

As people’s living standards continue to improve, we buy things not only focus on quality, but also in the use of experience requirements.

Just like when we buy a kitchen hood, in addition to the quality of the hood, but also look at the noise value of the hood, about the noise value of the different sayings, some think that the greater the air volume the greater the noise.

So how big is the air volume of the hood is appropriate? The greater the exhaust volume of the hood is not the greater the noise? Let’s take a look at the era of kitchen and bathroom repair center’s view.

A. “How much air volume is appropriate for household range hoods”
It is understood that alone increase the size of the exhaust volume of the hood will increase the noise, so the exhaust volume of the hood in 15 cubic meters – 18 cubic meters are appropriate, if the noise of the hood is relatively small, it is recommended that the larger the exhaust volume the better, but do not exceed 18 cubic meters.

Second, “the disadvantages of too small or too large exhaust air volume”

1, the hood exhaust volume is too small when the speed of smoke elimination is slow, not clean smoke, generally less than 10 cubic meters / min are considered too small (excluding 10 cubic meters), affecting the effect of exhaust smoke is not recommended to buy.

2, the hood air volume is too large when it will draw away the surrounding oxygen, which then has a certain impact on the fire of the gas stove, taking away part of the heat, in addition to excessive exhaust air volume on the hood motor has certain hair requirements, increasing the size of the noise, affecting the comfort of cooking

Third, “how to choose the exhaust volume of the hood”

1, look at the kitchen structure, the general kitchen is divided into open kitchen and closed kitchen, if you belong to the 3-9 square open kitchen, you can choose 15 cubic meters. If you belong to more than 10 square open can choose 17-20 cubic exhaust hoods.

2, look at the way of cooking, if the number of people at home, cooking very often, and like to stir-fry chili and other heavy dishes, you can choose 17-20 cubic exhaust hood; on the contrary, usually do not cook much, tend to taste light meals, 15 cubic exhaust hood is sufficient.

3, look at the floor and the flue situation, where the floor and the length of the flue is the main factor affecting the backflow of smoke string taste, generally the higher the floor is more likely to backflow, the longer the flue, the more difficult to exhaust smoke, it is recommended to choose 17 or 18 cubic meters of hood, or buy a range hood with automatic booster. If it is a self-built house can be ignored, it is recommended to choose 15 cubic meters.
The air volume of the hood is related to our experience, we must combine their own situation when buying and selling, in order to use the peace of mind, with the comfort.

Domestic gas stove how to install safer, safe installation of gas stove method introduced

How to install domestic gas stove safer, safe installation of gas stove method is introduced

How to install a gas stove for home use is safer? Gas cookers are the more commonly used kitchen appliances in the family kitchen. How much do you know about their installation, and what should we users pay attention to?

How to install a domestic gas stove safer

From the installation point of view, the stove is, after all, fire, electricity, gas intersection of complex structure, its installation location, opening size, the surrounding environment and other factors need to be considered, improper installation will produce some safety hazards. For example, some partners in the installation will produce the following installation misunderstandings: 1.

1. Installation location selected in the doorway of frequent access, strong convection window;
2. Installation location and furniture, curtains, other hanging objects in the kitchen and other flammable objects very close;
3. Installation location of the perforation is larger, can be put into the stove, but the stove fixed unstable;
4. Perforated position is too close to the wall;
5. Installed with the kitchen gas supply gas source does not match the gas stove;

These common installation mistakes are to be avoided. In the installation process, embedded cookers need other objects to cooperate with each other to achieve better installation results, such as cookers above the hood, cookers below the disinfection cabinet and other appliances, wrapped cooker cabinets. There are roughly four types of cabinets, namely: floor cabinets, hanging cabinets, high cabinets and in cabinets.

Floor cabinets are generally cabinets close to the ground, good load-bearing capacity, more storage space, and more flexible design methods. Obviously, the built-in cooker is installed precisely on the floor cabinets. Here it should be noted that the kitchen renovation, the design of the cabinet to leave enough width, otherwise the installation of a good gas stove, but can not put down the pot, which is a problem.

Kitchen supplies cleaning tips, these tips you have learned?

The kitchen is a place that everyone enters every day, especially in home life, a clean and fresh kitchen environment will make the meal appetite and mood very comfortable. As we all know, the kitchen is the most greasy place, but also relatively difficult to clean other places.

Range hoods

The hood is the most troublesome to clean, who called it a tool that is in direct contact with the grease, and the purpose of operation is to drain the grease out of the kitchen. Long-term dealings with oil stains this whole body is also full of oil layer, cleaning range hoods have three tips.

Technique one: detergent cleaning method. The role of detergent is to clean the dishes, but the effect of cleaning the hood is also good. First mix the detergent and vinegar, the most dirty range hood is the impeller, so when cleaning the impeller first take off. Then soak the impeller in advance of the mixture of detergent vinegar, and finally count the immersion time, about 10 – 20 minutes on, wait until the impeller on the oil stains are gone can be cleaned with water and dry directly. Other parts of the range hood directly wipe with a mixture of liquid, so that the cleaning is simple and convenient.

Tip 2: soap liquid cleaning. The role of soap is to wash clothes pants, but the guys do not underestimate it, it can also be washed range hoods. Hard soap solution to wash the hood does not need to soak like dishwashing liquid vinegar mixture, first modulate the soap solution, and then wipe the soap solution with a rag in all corners of the hood, about ten minutes or so, wait until the soap solution dries directly with a rag to wipe off.

Tip 3: steam method. The principle of pressure cooker steam is the role of pressure, first heating the pressure cooker to make its temperature rise, and then wait until there is enough steam to the hood, the strong pressure makes the hood on the grease slowly fall off and fuse with the gas, thus playing a role in cleaning. For example, Austen Harley 1000 has the function of one-touch hot grease removal, which is cleaned by high temperature heating.


Cabinet cleaning depends on the material, different materials cleaning methods have different. First of all, the artificial stone and stainless steel material cabinet cleaning considerations, this type of cabinet cleaning is not to use hard tools such as wire balls or strips, chemical wipe, these cleaning tools will wear or corrosion of the cabinet. A good cleaning tool to do is a soft towel.
The next is the stone countertop cabinets, stone countertops are natural stone, so this type of countertop is best to use soft towels, be careful not to use toluene type cleaners to rub, this type of cleaner will damage the cabinet. Also can not use the more acidic toilet bowl powder, dilute hydrochloric acid and other cleaning glaze, such cleaners and natural stone contact will produce the corresponding chemical reaction, thus destroying the smoothness of the glaze. Then is the fireboard material cabinet care, this kind of material only need to first use detergent scrubbing, and then gently wipe with warm water, and finally directly dry with a towel, a breath will be done. The last is the log cabinets hygiene, logs are most afraid of water and oil stains, wood will rot in water, so do not use wet towels and rags with oil stains when cleaning.

When cooking or frying as long as one does not pay attention, oil or soup will easily flow out of the dirty stove or fire rack, stove surface is okay, fire rack even with the general cleaning agent to deal with, but also not clean of course, you can also cook with water. Just so more trouble, but the whole kitchen are clean do not leave a little dead space Oh!

There is no daily wipe will still be sticky feeling very dirty and uncomfortable. At this point, you can cover the toilet paper on the tiles, and then spray the cleaner and then leave it for a while, the cleaner will not only drip everywhere, and the grease will all float up. Just tear off the toilet paper, and then wipe with a clean cloth with water once or twice more. As for the stubborn dirt that can’t be removed, you can use cotton cloth instead of toilet paper.

The classification of household kitchen supplies and purchase points

The role of the kitchen is great, but there is no shortage of essential kitchen supplies. The more complete the kitchen supplies, the more exciting to cook. How to buy kitchen supplies? First understand the classification of kitchen supplies, please see the following introduction.

Classification of household kitchen supplies and purchase points

A few categories of household kitchen supplies

1, storage appliances are essential kitchen supplies

There are food storage storage utensils, there are also utensils storage.

2、Kitchen washing utensils

Including hot and cold water supply systems, drainage equipment, wash basins, wash cabinets, etc., after washing the garbage generated in the kitchen operations, should be set up bins or sanitary bins, etc., modern family kitchens should also be equipped with disinfection cabinets, food waste grinders and other equipment.

3、Conditioning utensils

Conditioning utensils mainly include conditioning countertops, finishing, cutting, ingredients, modulation tools and utensils. Usually a bar can be well integrated together; and in the bar can also be placed on top of some decorative embellishments, such as flowers; will also make the kitchen looks very warm.

4、Cooking utensils

Cooking utensils we are most likely to associate with the stove, stove, etc., and the tools and utensils related to these items will also be classified as such; of course, now people’s living standards are constantly improving, the process of the kitchen revolution, microwave ovens, ovens, etc. also a large number of people into the family life.

5、Dining utensils

Dining utensils mainly include the tableware needed in the restaurant, such as dishes and spoons is certainly essential; we do not have to be how expensive the choice of dishes, such as bone china tableware, but the choice of color must be matched with the overall, so that it will be more coordinated.

Family kitchen supplies classification and purchase points

Second, the main points of the purchase of kitchen supplies

1, the purchase of the stove

Cooktop is an essential accessory in the kitchen appliances, choose the cooktop first according to the design of the kitchen equipment, style embedded and desktop, if the embedded design, the configuration of the switch on the top surface. If the cooktop is tabletop, the switch is selected in front so as to match the design of the entire kitchen appliance.

2, the principle of hygiene to buy

Kitchen appliances should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, rats, ants and other contaminated food to ensure the inherent quality of the entire kitchen appliances. Some cabinets on the market have taken all the installation of anti-cockroach strip seal, this technology can effectively prevent food contamination.

3, the principle of convenience

The operation in the kitchen to have a reasonable process, therefore, in the design of kitchen utensils, can be designed according to the correct flow of the arrangement of the parts, the future use of convenient is very important. Then there is the height of the stove top, the location of the hanging cabinets, etc., all directly affect the degree of convenience of use. Therefore, it is important to choose kitchen appliances that conform to the principles of ergonomic engineering and kitchen operating procedures.

What is included in the kitchen equipment? Kitchen appliances supplies shopping list

Kitchen Stove
The gas stove is a kitchen appliance heated by direct fire with gas fuel such as LPG, gas, natural gas, etc. It is mainly divided into LPG stove, gas stove and natural gas stove.

Integrated cooker combines the functions of hood, stove, disinfection cabinet and storage cabinet into one, which solves the problem that traditional hoods cannot eradicate grease smoke.

Induction cooker is also called induction stove, precise temperature control, can prevent overheating, fast heating speed, both frying, steaming, cooking, stewing, shabu-shabu and other functions, can be used for home hot pot and commercial hot pot.

The electric pottery stove has powerful functions such as frying, stir-frying, grilling, hot pot, soup, slow cooker, reservation, etc. It can also be equipped with baking pan and grill net for grilling.

Kitchen pots and pans
Electric rice cooker has a variety of heating operation functions such as steaming, boiling, stewing, potting and simmering of food, which is easy to use, safe and reliable.

Electric pressure cooker combines the advantages of the traditional pressure cooker and electric rice cooker, lifting the ordinary pressure cooker plagued consumers for years of safety hazards.

Frying pan is mainly used for frying or stir-frying food, can also be used for steaming, stewing, frying, etc.. Commonly used as iron pots, non-stick pans, wheat rice stone frying pans, etc.

Electric stew pot power consumption is smaller than the rice cooker, using the slow cooking method to make the ingredients and seasoning flavor, nutrition well distributed to the porridge, soup.

Other electric steamers, frying pans, soup pots, etc.

Kitchen washing and disinfection equipment
Disinfection cabinet through ultraviolet, far infrared and high temperature sterilization of items, can maximize the protection of human health.

Water purifier, also called water purifier, is a water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements for the use of water.

Dishwasher is the equipment for automatically washing dishes, chopsticks, plates, dishes, knives, forks and other tableware, mainly cabinet type, tabletop type, all-in-one type and integrated type.

Fruit and vegetable washing machine can effectively remove fruit and vegetable pesticide residues, bacterial residues. Common fruit and vegetable machines are ozone fruit and vegetable washing machine, ultrasonic fruit and vegetable washing machine, plasma fruit and vegetable washing machine.

Garbage disposals are installed under the kitchen sink and connected to the drain, which can use centrifugal force to crush the food waste in the crushing chamber and then discharged into the sewer.

Other electric faucets, small kitchen appliances, sinks, etc.

Kitchen refrigeration and cooling equipment
Refrigerator can refrigerate and preserve food, the current market is also divided into single-door, multi-door, energy-saving, intelligent and other types of refrigerators.

Freezer low-temperature preservation of food and other items of equipment. There are two distinctions between home and commercial, commercial freezers are used in restaurants, water bars, food processing and supermarkets, etc..

Preservation cabinet by reducing the temperature, play a role in extending the shelf life of food. It is widely used in supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail industries.

Ice machines are made with a water carrier, after passing through a certain device in an energized state, to create ice. It can be divided into pellet ice machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine, etc.

Ice cream machine MAIGOO net editor learned that the home ice cream machine small size, can be placed in the kitchen or restaurant, the smallest and soy milk machine is about the same size.

Kitchen cooking small appliances
Electric oven can be used to process some pasta, such as bread, pizza, but also can do tarts, small cookies and other snacks.

Microwave oven objects can continuously absorb the microwaves sent through the magnetron oscillator to achieve its own heating, with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and time saving.

The egg cooker is used to cook eggs quickly and easily, and can also make egg custard. Can control the degree of egg cooked and tender, saving effort and safety.

Soybean milk machine is a small appliance for making nutritious soybean milk, whole soybean milk and mung bean milk at home, and the fully automatic function design is a good helper for healthy living.

Juicer can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into juice machine, small can be home, easy to operate, high juice rate, machine price is cheaper.

Other toaster oven, toaster, air fryer, electric cake pan, electric kettle, breakfast machine, grill, coffee machine, yogurt machine, health kettle, mixer, pasta machine, noodle machine, meat grinder, bean sprout machine, egg beater, tofu machine.

Kitchen exhaust and ventilation equipment
Range hoods quickly remove the waste from stove combustion and the harmful fumes from the cooking process and exhaust them outside.

Exhaust fans, also known as ventilation fans, are driven by an electric motor that rotates the air blades to drive airflow, thus achieving the effect of ventilation and cooling.

The fresh air system can be used to prevent dust and bacteria from invading the room, automatically filter the air sent into the room, and can also be used to remove indoor moisture and odors.

Kitchen cooler, also known as a ceiling fan, is installed on top of the kitchen, and will only blow at the person who is cooking when it is operating, and will not blow out the stove fire, which is safe.

Kitchen knives
Slicing knives are light weight, narrow and thin, with a sharp blade, suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, fruits and other softer foods.

Bone cutting knife has a thicker body and is suitable for cutting pork ribs, chopping chicken, duck skeleton and other harder foods, and is a special knife.

Chopping knife can chop and cut, but slicing is not as sharp and good as a special slicing knife, in addition, it is not suitable for chopping large bones.

Multipurpose knives have long and sharp blades for peeling, cutting, stamping and carving food.

The fruit knife has a small body and is suitable for peeling, slicing and shredding various vegetables and fruits.

Kitchen scissors are suitable for cutting diced meat, vegetables, chicken bones and other food in the kitchen double-edged tool with two interlocking blades that can be opened and closed.

Kitchen cutlery
Stainless steel tableware is corrosion-resistant and rust-free, but do not hold salt, soy sauce and vinegar for a long time, which can easily make harmful substances be dissolved out.

Glass tableware has the advantages of high hardness, stable chemical properties, smooth and easy to clean surface, environmental protection, etc., but easy to break.

Ceramic tableware has the advantages of easy to wash and keep clean, good thermal stability, slow heat transfer, stable chemical properties, and durable.

Plastic tableware is light, strong, drop-resistant, with strong water resistance, most of them can also be put directly into the microwave oven.

Bamboo and wood tableware is made of bamboo and wood, which is exquisite and chic, not only practical, but also has artistic embellishment value.

Disposable tableware such as disposable chopsticks, disposable lunch boxes, disposable straws, etc. are convenient to clean up after meals.

Kitchen gadgets
The special spout of the oil pouring bottle allows you to pour as much as you want when using oil, and the lid prevents dust from entering.

Seasoning bottle can be salt, chili sauce, sugar and other categories of jars, when needed to open the lid, easy to use.

Clamp plate device is convenient to take out the steamed, stewed food, in the kitchen is used very often.

Handguard to prevent cutting vegetables cut fingers, advanced stainless steel made of handguard, a bit curved curvature.

Knife sharpener contains sharpening sticks, sharpening stones, sharpeners, etc., suitable for a variety of kitchen knives, outdoor knives, scissors, etc.

Other vegetable cutters, peelers, kitchen scales, steamers, rolling pins, spatulas, etc.

Kitchen cleaning and storage supplies
The detergent can quickly decompose grease and bacteria, effectively clean thoroughly without residue, and emit a light fruity fragrance, white and bright as new after washing.

Garbage cans are used to hold food residue devices, the use rate is relatively high, try to choose stainless steel and with a lid of the garbage can.

Drainage basket placed in the sink for water filtering mesh basket, the general material is mostly stainless steel and plastic.

Oil cleaning agent by a variety of surfactants, penetrating agents and additives compounded, with penetration, emulsification, dispersion, stripping oil and other functions.

Other cleaning cloths, wire balls, kitchen cleaning brushes, cleaning gloves, aprons, sink strainers, dishwashing basins, kitchen paper, waterproof adhesive strips, fresh boxes, fresh bags, rice buckets, etc.