How to install domestic gas stove safer, safe installation of gas stove method is introduced

How to install a gas stove for home use is safer? Gas cookers are the more commonly used kitchen appliances in the family kitchen. How much do you know about their installation, and what should we users pay attention to?

How to install a domestic gas stove safer

From the installation point of view, the stove is, after all, fire, electricity, gas intersection of complex structure, its installation location, opening size, the surrounding environment and other factors need to be considered, improper installation will produce some safety hazards. For example, some partners in the installation will produce the following installation misunderstandings: 1.

1. Installation location selected in the doorway of frequent access, strong convection window;
2. Installation location and furniture, curtains, other hanging objects in the kitchen and other flammable objects very close;
3. Installation location of the perforation is larger, can be put into the stove, but the stove fixed unstable;
4. Perforated position is too close to the wall;
5. Installed with the kitchen gas supply gas source does not match the gas stove;

These common installation mistakes are to be avoided. In the installation process, embedded cookers need other objects to cooperate with each other to achieve better installation results, such as cookers above the hood, cookers below the disinfection cabinet and other appliances, wrapped cooker cabinets. There are roughly four types of cabinets, namely: floor cabinets, hanging cabinets, high cabinets and in cabinets.

Floor cabinets are generally cabinets close to the ground, good load-bearing capacity, more storage space, and more flexible design methods. Obviously, the built-in cooker is installed precisely on the floor cabinets. Here it should be noted that the kitchen renovation, the design of the cabinet to leave enough width, otherwise the installation of a good gas stove, but can not put down the pot, which is a problem.