The kitchen is a place that everyone enters every day, especially in home life, a clean and fresh kitchen environment will make the meal appetite and mood very comfortable. As we all know, the kitchen is the most greasy place, but also relatively difficult to clean other places.

Range hoods

The hood is the most troublesome to clean, who called it a tool that is in direct contact with the grease, and the purpose of operation is to drain the grease out of the kitchen. Long-term dealings with oil stains this whole body is also full of oil layer, cleaning range hoods have three tips.

Technique one: detergent cleaning method. The role of detergent is to clean the dishes, but the effect of cleaning the hood is also good. First mix the detergent and vinegar, the most dirty range hood is the impeller, so when cleaning the impeller first take off. Then soak the impeller in advance of the mixture of detergent vinegar, and finally count the immersion time, about 10 – 20 minutes on, wait until the impeller on the oil stains are gone can be cleaned with water and dry directly. Other parts of the range hood directly wipe with a mixture of liquid, so that the cleaning is simple and convenient.

Tip 2: soap liquid cleaning. The role of soap is to wash clothes pants, but the guys do not underestimate it, it can also be washed range hoods. Hard soap solution to wash the hood does not need to soak like dishwashing liquid vinegar mixture, first modulate the soap solution, and then wipe the soap solution with a rag in all corners of the hood, about ten minutes or so, wait until the soap solution dries directly with a rag to wipe off.

Tip 3: steam method. The principle of pressure cooker steam is the role of pressure, first heating the pressure cooker to make its temperature rise, and then wait until there is enough steam to the hood, the strong pressure makes the hood on the grease slowly fall off and fuse with the gas, thus playing a role in cleaning. For example, Austen Harley 1000 has the function of one-touch hot grease removal, which is cleaned by high temperature heating.


Cabinet cleaning depends on the material, different materials cleaning methods have different. First of all, the artificial stone and stainless steel material cabinet cleaning considerations, this type of cabinet cleaning is not to use hard tools such as wire balls or strips, chemical wipe, these cleaning tools will wear or corrosion of the cabinet. A good cleaning tool to do is a soft towel.
The next is the stone countertop cabinets, stone countertops are natural stone, so this type of countertop is best to use soft towels, be careful not to use toluene type cleaners to rub, this type of cleaner will damage the cabinet. Also can not use the more acidic toilet bowl powder, dilute hydrochloric acid and other cleaning glaze, such cleaners and natural stone contact will produce the corresponding chemical reaction, thus destroying the smoothness of the glaze. Then is the fireboard material cabinet care, this kind of material only need to first use detergent scrubbing, and then gently wipe with warm water, and finally directly dry with a towel, a breath will be done. The last is the log cabinets hygiene, logs are most afraid of water and oil stains, wood will rot in water, so do not use wet towels and rags with oil stains when cleaning.

When cooking or frying as long as one does not pay attention, oil or soup will easily flow out of the dirty stove or fire rack, stove surface is okay, fire rack even with the general cleaning agent to deal with, but also not clean of course, you can also cook with water. Just so more trouble, but the whole kitchen are clean do not leave a little dead space Oh!

There is no daily wipe will still be sticky feeling very dirty and uncomfortable. At this point, you can cover the toilet paper on the tiles, and then spray the cleaner and then leave it for a while, the cleaner will not only drip everywhere, and the grease will all float up. Just tear off the toilet paper, and then wipe with a clean cloth with water once or twice more. As for the stubborn dirt that can’t be removed, you can use cotton cloth instead of toilet paper.