The role of the kitchen is great, but there is no shortage of essential kitchen supplies. The more complete the kitchen supplies, the more exciting to cook. How to buy kitchen supplies? First understand the classification of kitchen supplies, please see the following introduction.

Classification of household kitchen supplies and purchase points

A few categories of household kitchen supplies

1, storage appliances are essential kitchen supplies

There are food storage storage utensils, there are also utensils storage.

2、Kitchen washing utensils

Including hot and cold water supply systems, drainage equipment, wash basins, wash cabinets, etc., after washing the garbage generated in the kitchen operations, should be set up bins or sanitary bins, etc., modern family kitchens should also be equipped with disinfection cabinets, food waste grinders and other equipment.

3、Conditioning utensils

Conditioning utensils mainly include conditioning countertops, finishing, cutting, ingredients, modulation tools and utensils. Usually a bar can be well integrated together; and in the bar can also be placed on top of some decorative embellishments, such as flowers; will also make the kitchen looks very warm.

4、Cooking utensils

Cooking utensils we are most likely to associate with the stove, stove, etc., and the tools and utensils related to these items will also be classified as such; of course, now people’s living standards are constantly improving, the process of the kitchen revolution, microwave ovens, ovens, etc. also a large number of people into the family life.

5、Dining utensils

Dining utensils mainly include the tableware needed in the restaurant, such as dishes and spoons is certainly essential; we do not have to be how expensive the choice of dishes, such as bone china tableware, but the choice of color must be matched with the overall, so that it will be more coordinated.

Family kitchen supplies classification and purchase points

Second, the main points of the purchase of kitchen supplies

1, the purchase of the stove

Cooktop is an essential accessory in the kitchen appliances, choose the cooktop first according to the design of the kitchen equipment, style embedded and desktop, if the embedded design, the configuration of the switch on the top surface. If the cooktop is tabletop, the switch is selected in front so as to match the design of the entire kitchen appliance.

2, the principle of hygiene to buy

Kitchen appliances should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, rats, ants and other contaminated food to ensure the inherent quality of the entire kitchen appliances. Some cabinets on the market have taken all the installation of anti-cockroach strip seal, this technology can effectively prevent food contamination.

3, the principle of convenience

The operation in the kitchen to have a reasonable process, therefore, in the design of kitchen utensils, can be designed according to the correct flow of the arrangement of the parts, the future use of convenient is very important. Then there is the height of the stove top, the location of the hanging cabinets, etc., all directly affect the degree of convenience of use. Therefore, it is important to choose kitchen appliances that conform to the principles of ergonomic engineering and kitchen operating procedures.