As people’s living standards continue to improve, we buy things not only focus on quality, but also in the use of experience requirements.

Just like when we buy a kitchen hood, in addition to the quality of the hood, but also look at the noise value of the hood, about the noise value of the different sayings, some think that the greater the air volume the greater the noise.

So how big is the air volume of the hood is appropriate? The greater the exhaust volume of the hood is not the greater the noise? Let’s take a look at the era of kitchen and bathroom repair center’s view.

A. “How much air volume is appropriate for household range hoods”
It is understood that alone increase the size of the exhaust volume of the hood will increase the noise, so the exhaust volume of the hood in 15 cubic meters – 18 cubic meters are appropriate, if the noise of the hood is relatively small, it is recommended that the larger the exhaust volume the better, but do not exceed 18 cubic meters.

Second, “the disadvantages of too small or too large exhaust air volume”

1, the hood exhaust volume is too small when the speed of smoke elimination is slow, not clean smoke, generally less than 10 cubic meters / min are considered too small (excluding 10 cubic meters), affecting the effect of exhaust smoke is not recommended to buy.

2, the hood air volume is too large when it will draw away the surrounding oxygen, which then has a certain impact on the fire of the gas stove, taking away part of the heat, in addition to excessive exhaust air volume on the hood motor has certain hair requirements, increasing the size of the noise, affecting the comfort of cooking

Third, “how to choose the exhaust volume of the hood”

1, look at the kitchen structure, the general kitchen is divided into open kitchen and closed kitchen, if you belong to the 3-9 square open kitchen, you can choose 15 cubic meters. If you belong to more than 10 square open can choose 17-20 cubic exhaust hoods.

2, look at the way of cooking, if the number of people at home, cooking very often, and like to stir-fry chili and other heavy dishes, you can choose 17-20 cubic exhaust hood; on the contrary, usually do not cook much, tend to taste light meals, 15 cubic exhaust hood is sufficient.

3, look at the floor and the flue situation, where the floor and the length of the flue is the main factor affecting the backflow of smoke string taste, generally the higher the floor is more likely to backflow, the longer the flue, the more difficult to exhaust smoke, it is recommended to choose 17 or 18 cubic meters of hood, or buy a range hood with automatic booster. If it is a self-built house can be ignored, it is recommended to choose 15 cubic meters.
The air volume of the hood is related to our experience, we must combine their own situation when buying and selling, in order to use the peace of mind, with the comfort.